Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vote which theme you'll like to see ! :)

Hello Everyone!

It's time to vote again! 
Which of the following would you like me to edit?
The one with the most vote, I'll try to do it ! 

A1 - Doraemon Theme

A2 - Hello Kitty Bebe Theme

A3 - Disney Moki Theme


Now, comment on the comment box to vote now! :)

Red Polka Dot Hello Kitty Theme (2) !

Hello Everyone.

I'm glad that I've more followers now on my Instagram.
Please do share my Instagram ID around but please do not share my blog link (: 

My blog link are only shared to people who follow me on Instagram . 
Do not take the theme that I've edit and claim to be yours! 
I'll stop sharing if I ever find out .

This is the GO SMS Theme. 

Currently not available for download, 
because I still not sure how to import it to drop box for you people to download. 
Once I know how, I'll share it! :)

This is the GO Keyboard Skin. 

How to do it ? :
  1. Just download/save the wallpaper below
  2. Use the method for what I've done for the Galaxy Moustache GO Keyboard
  3. After that, use the Polka Dot Kitty for the skin instead of the Galaxy Moustache!
Then you'll be done! ^_^

Red Polka Dot Hello Kitty GO Launcher Theme!

Hello Lovelies, I am back. 

This time round I've edit a Red Polka Dot Hello Kitty Theme ! :)
I hope it's not that bad, but at least presentable. Hope you'll like it.
Please do follow me on Instagram for more notice and do a shout out for me!


I do not own anything , I just edit them for Android User!
& Lastly, credit goes to all the owner ;)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Donald Duck GO Launcher & Locker Theme!

Hello Sweethearts,

I'm here contributing my Donald Duck GO Launcher & Locker theme to everyone!
Do feel free to download them now. A very simple Donald Duck theme! 
Hope you'll like it.

I do not own anything, credits to the image owner! (:

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Melodycuty GO Launcher & Locker Theme!

Hello Everyone, the second theme of the day that I'm sharing.

Once again, 
I do not own anything , credits to the owner for images and icons.

Brownbear GO Launcher & Locker Theme!

Hello Everyone.
The new theme I've made specially for my sister is now share over here!

I do not own anything, credits to the owner.

Pls do not spread my themes like as if it's your's without my permission. 
If not, I'll not hesitate to take down the blog and not share anymore themes! 
Hope you can be nice when I'm nice too. Thank you & enjoy.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Galaxy Moustache GO Keyboard Tutorial

Hello Everyone, 
I'm going to teach you all how to do this theme for GO Keyboard.

You need to download GO Keyboard - "Purple Neon" or "Pink" theme from Play store.

You need to download the galaxy moustache wallpaper.
Click on the image below & save it in to your phone.

Go to your "GO Keyboard and select "Theme Setting" and apply one of the theme you've download. FYI, it's best if you can use "Purple Neon" theme GO Keyboard for better effect. 

Click on the "Theme Setting" again after applying the theme. Click on "Customize Theme". After clicking, Click on "Portrait background". Select the wallpaper from your albums, from there you select the Galaxy Moustache wallpaper. 

Click on the transparency setting and set the transparency to your preference. 

Polka Dot Kitty Theme

Pangniumodd Theme